Friday, September 16, 2011

Sail on the Horizon I

We left Winnipeg in the evening and are heading to St. Paul, Minnesota.

Ron will drive through the night and I will get some bunk time then, since there is basically very little to see at night.
In the morning at a rest stop I noticed on the map that there was a place called Little Canada which was just outside of St. Paul.

After Ron dropped the trailer and handed in the paperwork, we went out for lunch in Rosedale.

Afterward we went to find Little Canada. It was less than 15 minutes away and I got pictures of the city sign with the name on it.

While Ron slept until his load heading back to Canada was ready I worked on another sketch that I had started in Cuba.

I inked it in and once the ink is totally dry I will remove my pencil notations.

Sail on the Horizon I is an original 6" x 7”  pen and ink drawing which when framed will be available for $165.00.