Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ship Book Ends - A Work in Progress

This is a piece that I started last month in the still life class at KAGS.

There were so many wonderful pieces to paint and I had only time to work on one and I chose the one with the ship bookends with the beautifully bound leather books on sailing.

After drawing my sketch I painted in the background using mixtures of aureolin, cadmium yellow, raw sienna and a touch of burnt sienna.

The table cloth was mixtures of Antwerp blue and raw sienna and I will have to go back into it later and give more definition to the folds in the cloth.

Just before the break I painted the ship bookends with a wash of raw sienna and left it to dry.

I wanted to capture the rich burgundy colour of the leather bindings on the books. It took a couple of tries to get the correct mix of alizarin crimson, French ultramarine blue with a touch of cadmium yellow to get the colour I was after.

I will post this painting at a later date once more work on it has been completed.

Thank you for coming to look at my artwork and I hope you will return often.