Friday, January 27, 2017

Communion - A Work in Progress

Today I am not leaving the house except to go to the barn and do the chores. It is one of those days with a strong wind, where the weather is going to give us a little of everything from sun, clouds, rain, freezing rain, ice pellets, snow and back again.

I have spent a fair amount of time working on last year (see posts on 09 May, 18 July, 02, 09, 19, 23 and 30 August, 13 October and 15 December 2016) and I hope to have the water decanter finished today.

Before I started to paint I needed to fix the shape of the right side of the decanter, it just didn't look right.

With greys made of French ultramarine blue and burnt sienna I started at the top of the decanter adding the grey shadows on the spout, then worked my way down through the neck of the decanter.

I touched along the outside edge of that I had corrected and then filled in the areas of the main body being careful to leave areas of white highlights before I worked my way up the handle. Lastly I added the grey to the base of the decanter and into some of the water.

Using new gamboge with a little raw sienna added, I put some colour showing through the glass from the plate onto the handle and in the main body of the decanter.

The wood showing through the water was added with a mix of burnt sienna and alizarin crimson. French ultramarine blue was added to this mix for the wood that was in cast shadow.

I will post this painting again at a later date once more work on the plate has been completed.