Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Scenes of Magnetawan Art Show

Today we went up to Magnetawan to hang the Scenes of Magnetawan art show at the Knoepfli Inn, located at 5484 Highway #124, in Magnetawan, Ontario.

The show will run from 18 June - 09 October 2019.

We were greeted by Bea Kolman, the owner of the Knoepfli inn.

We brought all the paintings into the Inn and set them in the lounge.

Just as we brought the last of them inside Bea told us to sit down and have lunch before starting to hang the show.

During an enjoyable lunch of home made beef barley soup and a grilled cheese sandwich we caught up with everything that had been happening at the Inn during the winter.

As Bea cleared the table we unpacked all the paintings we had brought to hang in the dinning room and in the lounge.

We started by pulling out the larger pieces.

These would hang in the dining room between the windows and set everything to go around them.

From there we hung two mid-sized pieces by the hutch in the corner of the dining room.

Next we hung some of the mid-sized pieces on the kitchen wall and then filled in the rest of the wall with an assortment of smaller pieces.

We made small arrangements of a couple of mid-sized paintings together with small paintings on the last to small walls in the dining room.

We put a couple of paintings on the wall by the stairwell going to the upper floor before moving on to hang paintings in the lounge.

We started by putting one of the large paintings beneath the first deer head.

This was followed by putting a smaller painting on each side of the deer head.

There were already paintings in place over the piano in the corner of the room.

On the far wall we placed a small painting below the plaque on the wall.

Then there were two more deer heads one on each side of the window.

Once again we placed a larger painting on the wall below the deer head.

Then we put smaller paintings on each side of the deer head.

The last deer head was close to the window so we put a mid-sized painting below it and two more to the right side of it and the paintings were all hung.

We will return to the Knoepfli Inn in October when we arrive for our annual autumn paint out. I look forward to that every year.

If you have a chance contact Bea and make arrangements to come out and enjoy the exhibit.