Monday, September 24, 2018

Creation IV and Abstract 35

This is the third technique we learned called a six cup flip pour in the "Pour Your Heart Out" workshop with Valerie Kent at the Cavan Art Gallery.

In this one we were told to choose three colours, one metallic colour and either black or white; with the one not chosen to be used with silicon added to under paint the canvas. Three of the colours were to have silicone added to them and the remaining three to have Floetrol added.

I chose to under paint the canvas with black and silicon, the yellow, teal and red had Floetrol added and the metallic amethyst, lilac and white had two drops of silicon added.

Once all the colours were mixed in separate cups, each cup was turned upside down in different areas onto the canvas, beginning with the ones with Floetrol.

Creation IV

Once the paint started to ooze out from underneath the cups they were lifted off the canvas allowing the colours to move.

The colours with the Floetrol added will move a lot more than those with just the silicon added as the canvas was tipped and turned to have the paints run together.

As with the previous large canvas, I used a smaller canvas to capture the "run off" and added any remaining paint left from the cups onto this canvas and rolled the paint around on the surface until all the area was covered.

Abstract 35

Creation IV is an original 12" x 12" acrylic painting will be available for $250.00.

Abstract 35 is an original 2" x 2" acrylic painting and will be available with its own display easel for $25.00.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and look at the artwork.