Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cows 1 and 2

I worked on some of the drawings of cows that I put on canvas earlier this month (see posting on 02 May 2014).

Cow 1

I started with putting the background in on the first painting of a cow. Then I set it aside to dry and worked on the next painting and put in a slightly different background, this one with clouds.

Cow 2

Now it was time to paint the first cow. I used a limited palette of white, black, for most of the cow's body and burnt sienna for the eyes. For the nose I used mixtures of alizarin crimson, Hansa yellow and burnt sienna.

Lastly the fence rail was painted in using mixtures of all the colours to create an interesting weathered look on the wood.

I changed the name of Cow 1 to Holy Cow! which  is available for $95.00. SOLD

Using the same colours as for the first cow painting I completed the next cow. I also changed its name from Cow 2 to You're Joking?

I would like to thank Ms. Adrienne West of Bethany, Ontario on her purchase of You're Joking? as a gift for her mother on Mother's Day.