Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Four Seasons

Today I am painting with the Buckhorn Tuesday Painting Group at St. Matthews Church.

I couldn't get into painting so I decided I would sketch different things I could see outside that were around the church.

Spring 2

Looking out the south window I could see the trees by the lock starting to show their spring colours.

Summer 2

Out the back door there were three large trees, two oaks and a maple, which I put them into full summer foliage.

Autumn 2

From the front door there were two large oaks in the front lawn and you could see the waters of Buckhorn Lake all that was needed was to add a few autumn leaves.

Winter 2

Lastly, I looked across the street from the bottom of the ramp at the back of the church. With the birch trees on one lawn and a large pine on the next lawn and I changed the houses into trees in the background, which would be ideal for winter.