Friday, November 16, 2018

Wine Glass and Candles 1 and Wine Bottle, Glasses and Candle 1

These are the other two drawings that I started in yesterday's Still Life Class at KAGS and finished today.

In the first one, I started by placing the wine glass where I wanted it in the drawing.

Next I put in the candlestick on the right side of the drawing followed by the candlestick on the left side, which I placed partially behind the wine glass.

I then put in the spiral candles into the holders and added the flame.

Wine Glass and Candles 1

The next drawing featured the plain wine bottle without the basket and tassels.

I placed it on the left side of the drawing and added one of the wine glasses in front.

Toward the right of the centre I put in a candlestick with a spiral candle and even though we are not allowed to have lit candles in the building I added the flame onto the candle.

Next I added in two wine glasses in front of the candle.

Wine Bottle, Glasses and Candle 1

I may do a few more of these small drawings at a later date.