Friday, April 30, 2010

Workshop with Margaret Roseman - Negative Painting and Still Life

Today is the second day of the workshop with Margaret Roseman.

For the first hour we were allowed to continue to work on the lilies from yesterday or if we hadn't liked our background we had the option to do it again.


This painting is an exercise in picking out flower shapes and painting in the negative. It was turned until we could establish whether to paint it in a horizontal or vertical format.

Various shades of greens and blues were used to give definition to the clematis flowers. Once their placement had been set, the centre stamen and pistol were painted to give the petals a place from which to radiate outward.

It created some interesting effects and I will post this painting as I continue to do more work on it and once it is completed.

Pears in Blue Bowl

In the afternoon we progressed to working on a still life composition.

I chose to work on a fairly simple composition of pears in a bowl. I will post this piece at a later date.

Tomorrow we will be working on landscape paintings.