Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birch Lake - A Work in Progress

This is another painting that I started earlier this year on location at the Riverview Zoo with the Outdoor Painters' Group.

I indicated some of the new grasses pushing their way up through last year's autumn leaves that had not been blown away by the winter winds; and then areas where the trees would cast their shadow to give me the direction of the light source.

Once the paint was dry I have removed the masking fluid from the birch trees and the trunk of the cedar tree.

I started on the cedar tree trunk using the shadowed area already indicated put in the light and shadow as well as adding a little of the bark texture. It still needs more work before it is completed.

I also painted the markings on one of the birch trees to give a feeling of what the overall look of the completed painting.

When I have finished more on this painting I will post it at a later date.