Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Christmas at A Place For The Arts

Today my friend and fellow artist, Norma MacEachern came with me to A Place For The Arts in Bancroft.

It was nice to see the Christmas display for the front window had been set up. The two large trees were hung with a wide variety of handmade Christmas ornaments available for sale and displayed among the the twinkling lights.

The floor was covered with a blanket of glittering snow upon which was decorations for sale.

I went around opening up the Gallery and turning on the lights.

As Norma helped me with the various duties of sweeping, dusting and watering the plants I noticed that a few more of my smaller paintings had been hung in the Gallery.

When I went upstairs to the Annex it was nice to see that it too had been decked out with Christmas decorations, as well as a few strings of twinkling lights.

With a new exhibit in the Annex, some of my paintings had been moved and placed in a grouping on one wall.

It was an enjoyable day with many people coming through the Gallery and to view the new show in the Annex.

Time passed quickly and before long it was time to close the Gallery and head home.