Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Birch Trio 3 and 4 - Two Works in Progress

While waiting for Christine to take me to see the Surgeon I pulled out these two pieces that I did a while ago (see post on 18 April 2014) while at the Peterborough Riverview Park and Zoo.

I wet the paper around the birch trees and using cobalt blue I carefully floated the colour into the wet areas which made it easier to keep the birch trees white.

I set this painting aside so it could dry and where there is a little bit of the colour bleeding into the trees it can either be lifted at a later date or covered up with the dark areas on the birch bark.

Birch Trio 3

I repeated the same process of wetting the paper first before adding the paint into the sky.

As I set this piece aside to dry Christine arrived.

I am hoping that the Surgeon will open the splint up completely to I will have the full range of motion, although I doubt at this point that he will let me put any weight on the leg but, I can always hope.

Birch Trio 4