Thursday, June 7, 2018

White Picket Fence I

While I was going through some of the drawings I had started a while ago, when I was on location with the KAGS Outdoor Painters' Group. I decided to complete this one that I had started on a farm out on Cameron Line (see posts on 20 December 2016, 25 ay 2017 and 03 January 2018).

I started in the background and completed the trees and fence on the edge of the pasture. I also at this point removed the one larger tree from the background as I didn't want it to become the focal point of the drawing.

From there I started adding more of the leaves onto the foreground tree being careful to leave some spaces for the larger tree branches to show through.

Lastly, I put in the tree branches and some of the shadows cast by the leaves.

This original 9" x 12” pen and ink drawing when framed will be available for $225.00.