Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Autumn Maple 1 and 2

This morning I looked out my kitchen window and saw over a dozen robins on the front lawn. They are up very early this year and hopefully we will have an early spring.

Today I was at KAGS with a few of my previous students to help them with leaves on trees and the various ways they can apply the paint to achieve the effect they want in their paintings.

I used as an example of using a sponge to create leaves one of the pieces I had started with the Lakefield Creative Arts Group last year (see post on 23 March 2015).

Most of the students had tried this method at one point or another in a previous lesson on painting trees and they also brought in some pieces where they had practiced with leaves and wanted to know how to put in the sky and tree branches behind the leaves.

Another method of painting leaves is to splatter water on the paper in the area where the leave are to be placed and then float the leaf colours into the water to let them blend. I set this painting aside to let it dry.

I went back to the first painting and with French ultramarine blue and painted the sky in behind the sponged in leaves; and then I did the same with the second painting.

I will post each of these paintings at a later date once they have been completed.