Sunday, July 24, 2016

Poster for Shades of Summer Art Show

Today is the second day of Art @ the Locks, hosted by the Lockside Trading Company in Young's Point, Ont. and it is going to be another hot 89F (31.7C) and humid 95F (35C) day.

It is located by Lock 27 on the Trent Severn Waterway and we will be able to enjoy watching the boats go through the Lock all weekend.

While at the show I was also handing out some of my redesigned posters for the upcoming Buckhorn Artists' Group's 26th Annual Shades of Summer Show held at St. Matthews Church in Buckhorn, Ont.

I would like to thank Ron and Barbara Pereman of Blackstock, Ontario on their purchase of On the Edge (see post on 11 April 2010), Haven 1 (see post on 20 June 2011), Shoreline 2 (see post on 29 June 2013) and Flower Bed 5 (see post on 30 July 2010).