Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Flash of Red

Even though spring supposedly arrived last month, winter is still holding on tightly with its cold and icy grip. What better than to paint a snow scene of another winter sport? In this case ice skating.

In rural Canada whenever the ice freezes over on the lakes, ponds or rivers and becomes thick enough to carry weight it is time to shovel out a clear space and put up the nets for a game of shinny hockey, figure skate or simply go skating alone or with a group.

I decided to paint a young girl out practicing on a frozen river who perhaps has dreams of becoming an Olympic medalist and stand on the podium representing her country; like Barbara Ann Scott gold 1948, Petra Burka bronze 1964, Karen Magnussen silver 1972, Elizabeth Manley silver 1988 and Joannie Rochette bronze 2010.

Who knows; perhaps one day her dreams may become a reality.

This original framed 9-3/4" x 15" watercolour is available for $295.00.