Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Coon Lake VIII - A Work in Progress

After being out most of the day visiting the different art supply stores in Pickering, Scarborough and Whitby stocking up on canvases, paint and paper for the coming season's art projects, it was time to relax and do a little work on another of my sketches (see post on 29 July 2014) that I had pulled out yesterday.

I started by putting in the water lines at the base of the rocks and a few water ripples.

Next I put in the small pine tree that was trying to grow in between some of the larger rocks.

Then I started to put in some of the rocks and added shading to a couple of them give a little more solidity and ground them into the drawing.

I put in a few grasses in behind the rocks on the right side of the drawing. It was at this point that I decided I had better stop before added lines that I couldn't change.

I will post this painting at a later date once the rest of the rocks and growies have been added.