Friday, October 11, 2013

Burleigh Bay I and II - Two Works in Progress

With today being another beautiful, sunny and unseasonably warm day Ron and I took the canoe out to Burleigh Falls.

We launched the canoe just below Burleigh Falls and paddled to the top end of the Burleigh Bay. On the way I was able to see a section of Burleigh Falls that I had never seen before and took reference pictures for later paintings.

Burleigh Bay I

When we turned around to slowly head back we did our usual things; Ron cast his lure into the water to catch fish while I sketched and took reference photographs.

Getting the canoe back to the launching point was a little tricky with us having to go almost directly below Burleigh Falls and letting the current carry us down towards the launch area. After packing everything up we went out for supper at the Lovesick Cafe and enjoyed a well cooked meal there before heading home.

Burleigh Bay II

Both of these sketches will need to be completed with pen and ink and I will post these and the others as they are completed.

Thank you for coming to look at my artwork.