Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Different Kind of Painting

This kind of painting is a little different than what I usually post.

With living on the top of a hill the house takes a beating from the elements and it seems that about every eight to ten years it needs to be repainted.

Choices needed to be made, what colour for the building and what colour for the trim as well as what would go with the brown roof that was already on the house that I had no intention of replacing for at least another 15 years.

We purchased 5 gallons of white for the trim. White was chosen as it would go with most colours and Ron started to strip the old paint off the building while I taped a multitude of different colours to the side of the porch to decide on which one we could agree.

Finally we decided on a colour called "Sweet Success" and I got one gallon of the paint and as a test we painted the porch which would give us a good idea if it was a colour we could both live with for the next ten years.

We kind of like the way it looks. So tomorrow I will pick up another 16 gallons of paint and as we have time we will work on painting the house.