Saturday, October 27, 2012

OSWOA - Ablaze with Colour

Today is another cold and wet rainy day, with the temperatures hovering in the mid 30's (2C). Hopefully there won't be any snow overnight.

This is a painting I had started last year see post on 16 August 11).

It didn't need a lot more work; a few more branches on some to the bare trees in the background and a little more colour into the background leaves.

I brightened the colour of the reflections in the water and darkened the foreground reflections slightly.

I felt more work was needed on the foreground tree so it was darkened and given a little more definition.

If you would like more information about OSWOA please go to my post on 12 March 2010.

The OSWOA shown here is an original watercolour painting using Artist quality Winsor & Newton paint on 300lb. Arches 100% rag, acid free watercolour paper. It is priced at $40.00 and sold unframed.