Sunday, September 22, 2019

Little Lake Trees 1 and 2

Today I set up the display at the 9th Annual Purple Onion Festival held in Millennium Park in Peterborough.

I was joined by fellow artists Jewell Allington, Jane Hall and Emil Varga.

We had a fairly steady stream of people coming through the building throughout the day.

In the afternoon I took a break and walked along the pathway by Little Lake.

I did this drawing of a maple tree with the sun on the lake and the autumn colours in the background.

Little Lake Trees 1

On my way back to the show I stopped at this spot which featured four maple trees with various coloured foliage with the sun lighting up the autumn colours on the far shore.

Little Lake Trees 2

When I returned to the building it wasn't long before I had to take the show down and head back home.