Saturday, August 20, 2016

Dark Water I - A Work in Progress

It is going to be another hot 90F (32F) and very humid 106F (41C) day.

Ron and I continued to work on replacing a section of the barn floor that had rotted (see post on 09 July 2016) from many years of the rain coming in through the opening in the loft where we put hay out for the horses.

By late afternoon we had it completed and Ron tossed some hay down onto the floor from the mow.

I wanted to do a little work on one of my sketches and I picked this one that I had worked on last month (see post on 02 July 2016).

I started by adding more branches and details to the dead twisted cedar tree.

Next I added in some rocks along the shoreline and a few dead pine tree trunks behind the live pines.

Lastly I drew in the distant treeline into the background.

I started with the trunk of the large cedar tree in the foreground, but before I could get too much further on the drawing I realized it was time to start supper.

I will post this drawing again once more work on it has been completed.