Friday, December 2, 2011

Low Tide 1

In the early morning I enjoy watching the sun rise as I lay in the hammock on the screened in porch of my beach house.

Unfortunately that hasn't happened very much this trip so today is a very pleasant change.

In is a sketch I marked the in colours of the sky as it tints the water with its light. The water level in the tidal pool rises and lowers with the tide during the course of the day. This sketch is one that when I return home I will make into a larger watercolour painting, then remove my notes and once framed this original 6" x 9” pen and ink drawing will be available for $145.00.

It is peaceful here, which is one of the many reasons I continue to return to the CoCo View Resort here in Roatan.

Now I had better get ready to go on the boat for my first two dives of the day.

Thank you for looking at my artwork.