Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today I worked on this painting that I had started last year when I taught a class on floral paintings with poured backgrounds.

I removed the masking from the rosebud and started with the under paint using a wash of new gamboge over the entire flower and let it dry completely.

I worked on one petal at a time making sure that it was not touching another petal that was still wet.

The next layer of colour was new gamboge with a small amount of cadmium yellow.

I continued until all the petals had the second layer of colour.

The colour was darkened by adding more cadmium yellow and a touch of cadmium red to the mixture for the third layer of colour.

Cadmium red was added to each additional layer of colour until all the petals were completed.

Using a mix of French ultramarine blue and aureolin the first layer of colour was put onto the calyx. As each layer dried a little more of the blue was added to darken the green until it was finished.

This is an original 5” x 7” framed watercolour and is available for $95.00.