Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tai I and II

While taking a break from doing the barn chores this morning I did a little sketch of Tai, who being the barn pest just had to keep coming over and see what I was doing.

It is bad enough that he comes into the barn to "help" me while I clean out the stalls by grabbing the end of the pitchfork and playing tug of war.

But I managed to do this quick head study of him, when I could get him to stop trying to steal my pencil and get his muzzle off of my sketch book.

After finishing up the barn chores, I wanted to try and do another of him sketch since he wasn't leaving me alone.

Tai I

When I shooed Tai away by waving the sketch book at him, he decided to show his displeasure with a display of bucking around the barn yard before coming back to me asking for a treat.

Tai II

These original, pen and ink sketches are available matted and shrink wrapped for $20.00 each.