Monday, October 1, 2018

The Old Outhouse 1 and Fallen Birch 1

We had a very interesting day at the Knoepfli Inn which started early in the morning, around 3a.m. when one of the members in the group woke me to see if I would take her to the hospital as she was having an allergic reaction to her medication.

Together Norma and I got her safely to the West Parry Sound Health Centre and stayed with her until about 11a.m. they decided to keep her overnight for observation and more testing.

After getting a list of the things she would like us to bring to her for her overnight stay when we return in the evening, we left and headed back to the Inn to arrive in time for lunch.

The Old Outhouse 1

After lunch, the sun decided to come out and I headed down the trail behind our cabin heading to the Magnetawan River. I stopped along the way to do a sketch of the old outhouse near cabins 6 and 7.

Then I continued down the trail to the Magnetawan River.

Fallen Birch 1

At the beach near fire pit, I did a sketch of one of the big birch tree that had fallen across the path
that runs beside the river, making it difficult to continue along the trail.

I decided that I would do a sketch of the fallen birch that blocked the trail.

I will post each of these sketches at a later date as more work on them is completed.