Thursday, October 11, 2018

Abstract 40-44

The paintings shown here were created with the run off  paint from the bottle bottom pour (see post on 10 October 2018) in the "Pour Your Heart Out" workshop with Valerie Kent at the Cavan Art Gallery

Abstract 40

With the larger canvas raised up off the tray with a 3" (7'6cm) block the smaller canvases were placed under each of the edges to catch the paint as it dripped down.

Abstract 41

As paint covered each of the small canvases I tried to remove them and replace them with a new canvas.

Abstract 42

For the most part, other than making sure that the paint flowed over the edges of the canvas, there was very little work that needed to be done to create some interesting paintings.

Abstract 43

Each of these canvases were set aside to dry as they were completed, with only the last canvas not having very much of the bright neon showing in the painting.

Abstract 44

Abstract 40 through 44 are original 2" x 2" acrylic paintings and will be available with their own display easels for $25.00 each.