Saturday, September 14, 2013

Long Lake VII-X

Long Lake is one of many lakes that can be found in the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park (officially called the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site).

It is located completely within the County of Peterborough, with approximately two-thirds in the township of North Kawartha and the remainder in the township of Trent Lakes.

It is one of the largest areas of preserved wilderness in the southern part of Ontario, second only to Algonquin Provincial Park.

Long Lake X

The Park was expanded from its original size of 7.2miles squared or 4,608 acres (18.7km squared or 1,864.8ha) to its current size of 145 miles squared or 92,879.5 acres (375.6km squares or 37,587.3ha) in June of 2003 also making it one of the newest.

As of May 2011 the park officially became operational and ministry permits are now required for camping and parking.

Long Lake VII

At most of the launch sites to the lakes one can find the Official Ontario Parks' map posted.

The campsites are designated and provided with picnic tables, fire rings and thunder boxes. It also indicates the park boundaries and excludes the small tracts of land which contain pre-existing cottages.

Long Lake VIII

While the weather has cooled down, it was nice to take the canoe out on the lake before it gets so cold that it is not a pleasant experience.

With the weather report calling for a rainy weekend there were not too many cottagers on the lake; making it fairly quiet and we were able to relax in the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape as we paddled up the clean, deep waters of Long Lake which are primarily known for their bass fishing.

Long Lake IX

Once we turned the canoe to head back to the launch site Ron caught three large mouth bass while I took photographs and did a number of sketches of the relatively undeveloped landscape, the windswept pine trees, rocky shoreline and a heron resting on a partially submerged log.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and enjoy the artwork.