Monday, November 5, 2018

Three Hats

On Thursday last week I was at the Still Life class at KAGS where I worked on three drawings of some of the various hats in the display (see post on 02 November 2018).

I finished this line drawing today from the class. It is of three different hats, a broad brimmed lady's straw hat with a ribbon, a white boater and a cowboy hat.

The three of them made a nice display, with the Lady's hat resting at the top of a cylinder on top of a cloth covered box in the centre.

With the boater hat leaning against the box on the left side and the cowboy hat as it leaned against the box on the right side.

I enjoyed placing the folds of the cloth, as it draped down the box and onto the table creating interesting patterns.

I am not sure if I will go back into this drawing at a later date and add in some shading, or leave it as an outline sketch.