Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Frozen Barns

Today we hung works by eight members of the Buckhorn Artists' Group at Showplace Performance Centre in Peterborough. The show will run from 02-28 February 2010.

I have a solo exhibit of my paintings at Showplace in April of this year, and I will post more information about it closer to the time of the show.

The painting I am exhibiting with the Buckhorn Artists' Group is Frozen Barns, an original 22" x 30" framed, watercolour painting available for $980.00.

Please excuse the reflections that appear on the picture of the painting but I had framed it before I took a photograph of it.

The cold weather brings back memories of when I started this painting of my barns. It had been a cold winter day and many of the roads were closed due to the freezing rain we had overnight and continued throughout the morning. The tree branches and grasses were coated in glittering armour made of ice, which crackled as the wind blew. Just for a moment a ray of sunlight managed to force its way through the storm clouds to brighten the snow bank before the barn.

Thank you for coming to look at my artwork.