Monday, June 13, 2016

Farm Buildings 4 and 5

Today I went out with for a drive and took the dog with me for a change.

She has come to enjoy going with me in the car and once we go out the driveway and onto the road she goes and lies down in the back of the car and watches the world go by.

Farm Buildings 4

I headed north up to Bancroft and along the way I stopped to do a sketch of an old barn with a run in shed attached to the side.

When I turned onto a side road, I took Kyora out for a run along the shoulder and then returned to the car and headed along another side road which would eventually get us back home.

Farm Buildings 5

I found another farm with a large farm house and barns which were almost hidden from sight in the distance.

When we returned home, I let the dog come with me while I did the barn chores before going into the house and making our suppers.