Monday, February 17, 2014

Autumn Tress 1 and 2 - Two Works in Progress

These are two paintings I started last year when I was at the Knoepfli Inn in Magnetawan, Ontario (see post on 20 October 2013).

I started by masking out the leaves on both paintings with liquid friskit and then set them aside to dry.

Once the friskit was dry on the first one, using a pencil I lightly did more drawing on the birch tree trunks and to the branches to give them more definition.

I then did the same to the larger maple trunks and branches and added in some of the background tree trunks that didn't need much detail.

Now that the second piece was dry I indicated many of the pine branches from the trees that were in the background.

Next I added more details to the larger oak tree trunks and added many of the branches joining them to the clumps of leaves.

Lastly I worked on the maple tree trunks, branches adding the maple leaves which will be masked out with a different friskit.

I will post both of these paintings at a later date once I have  masked out the maple leaves and have the backgrounds completed.