Monday, April 26, 2010

The Hunter

This is an original 10" x 13-1/2” graphite pencil drawing, framed $195.00. SOLD

I enjoy the control you have when working with pencil. I use a mechanical pencil with a 0.5mm HB lead. It gives a fairly large range of tones from almost black as shown in the shadow to a very soft grey to give shape and a suggestion of the outline. Each line helps to create the illusion of curves, and flat surfaces. The challenge was to have the dapples follow the shape of the body.

This is another painting that is at Showplace until 04 May 2010.

The image is also available as a package of 10 cards complete with envelopes for $8.00 as well as an 11" x 14" decorator print for $10.00. Prints are shipped flat and unframed.