Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Work Horses in Winter

Today is the beginning of another 30 day painting challenge and I am off to a good start with four completed pen and ink drawings.

The drawings are all of local work horses.

Skidding Logs 1

They are more in a series of draft horses working in the winter that will eventually be worked up into either acrylic or watercolour paintings (see posting on 23 June 11 for the first four drawings).

Down the Trail 1

I will post the final four of the winter work horses when I have the drawings completed.

In the meantime perhaps you would like to guess which of the drawings are of the Percherons or the Belgians. It is a given which one is the only Clydesdale. Let me know which team you think they should be.

Through the Woods 1

These original pen and ink drawings when framed up will the available. Skidding Logs I and One Horse Sleigh I are $145.00 each and Through the Woods I and Down the Trail I are $125.00 each.

One Horse Sleigh 1

I will continue to post the painting I finish each day during the course of the month. I hope you will return often to see the postings.