Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sailboat 5 and 6 - Two Works in Progress

I had a little bit of time today and wanted to work some work on a painting and I chose these two that I had started earlier this year (see posts on 29 August and 30 October 2015).

Since the sailboats were already masked out I wouldn't have to wait for the friskit to dry.

Working back and forth on both paintings I washed in the sky using Antwerp blue, leaving a few lighter areas for wispy clouds.

By the time I finished the sky on the second painting the first one was dry and ready for the next step.

Sailboat 5

Adding a little French ultramarine blue to the sky colour I put in the lightest part of the water.

I added a small amount of burnt sienna to the blue and put in the darker waves.

I did the same thing to the second painting and then into the foreground waves I used a grey of burnt sienna and French ultramarine blue to darken them a little more on both pieces.

Next I lightly drew in the horizon line on both pieces.

Sailboat 5

I added a little more burnt sienna to the grey wave colour and with vertical strokes painted in the distant shore.

I will post both of these paintings at a later date once I have removed the friskit and start to paint the sailboats.