Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Laces - A Work in Progress

I transferred the sketch of the laces to the canvas (see post on 03 May 2015).

The next step was to decide on a colour and paint all the lines one colour to give them definition.

I had a part tube if yellow ochre and used that for the outline colour for all of the lines to give it a warm glow and in a few areas of the line work I painted in a little bit of Hansa yellow to brighten it.

Next I used a little of the Hansa yellow to paint in one of the open areas on the canvas.

Then I painted another small open area with Cobalt blue and set the painting aside to see if I was going to go with a warm palette for the background or a cool palette.

It was time for lunch and I needed a break to get away from it, relax and when I returned to look at the painting with fresh eyes before I made my decision.

When I returned and looked at the two areas it was easy to see that going with yellows and reds the colour would jump out at you, whereas the blues and greys would be much more relaxed and I could add a few reds and yellows into the blue areas to create interest without it being garish.

Using the Cobalt blue as a base I added an orange made with Hansa yellow and alizarin crimson to grey the colour and started painting in a few dark areas and at the same time covered over the area that had been painted yellow.

Next I added Titanium white to the greyed blue and put in areas of lighter colour.

I decided that I would leave the painting for the time being and set it where I can look at it and decide on how I would like to place my colours.

I will post this painting again at a later date once more work on it has been completed.