Friday, April 27, 2012

Quiet Reflection

This is a painting I have been working on (see postings on 19 August 2010 and 18 December 2011) for a little while. Today I finally had the time to be able to complete it.

I changed the shape of the canoe's bow and back as the lines that were there made it look more like a row boat than a canoe. I darkened the red with a touch of French ultramarine blue and painted the reflections into the water.

Next I painted the interior and the trim on the canoe and let it dry before I started to paint the canoeist.

First I used a little burnt sienna for the face and hands. Then using light red I put in the bright coloured life jacket. Next I painted the hair, then the blue jeans and lastly the denim shirt.

Using the same colours I put their reflections into the water.

Once this original 7" x 11-1/4" watercolour is framed it will be available for $225.00.

Congratulations to new collector One 2 One Hair Design of Peterborough, Ontario on their selection of Moonshine (see post on 12 May 2011).