Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Setting up the Show at the Douro Dummer Library Art Gallery

This morning while I was out walking the dog it finally started raining and since I got soaking wet I didn't bother to change until after I finished the barn chores. But with the temperature at 76F (25.6C) and the humidity making it feel like 91F (32.8C) so I didn't feel chilled. Hopefully today will be the last day of humidity.

The three of us were going to meet at the Library Gallery at 3:00 to hang our paintings. My friend Helen was already there with her husband, Herb and their son Gord who is always an invaluable help at the art shows.

While we waited for Penny to show up, Helen and I discussed how to hang the show so that our works would go well together.

We decided that since all of us painted in watercolour, as well as in either oil or acrylic that we would have one of the main walls with watercolours and the other with oils and acrylics, so the watercolour paintings would not be overpowered.

In the front area on the wall by the computers there are three spaces between the windows where each of us could hang one painting. I took the narrowest space and that is where I put the leather carving.

There is also a cabinet between the two rows of computers where you can hang one painting on the cabinet door and depending on the size you can place up to five paintings on the top. Helen had a long painting that would be ideal for the cabinet door so we put that one there as a starting point.

There is also an additional space over top of the bookshelf which is seen as you enter the library through the front door.

When Penny arrived she wanted each of us to have our own section and Helen should have the one long wall, she would take the area over the book shelf in the main library area and that everyone should have a painting on the other wall and I could have the rest; since to me it didn't matter that is what we did.

Before I started to sort my paintings I wanted to get the far section completed where each of us would have a painting.

As it turned out Penny gave me her two abstract paintings which we stacked one over the other and since I had a couple of abstracts that would go with hers they were put beside each other and I picked out a lovely painting of leaves by Helen that would continue the earth tones along the wall.

I helped Helen arrange her paintings on the long wall and Gord helped her hang them while I put my pieces out along the opposite wall, where I felt they would look best.

Then Gord came over to help me hang the remainder of my paintings, which took very little time and we finished hanging the front area by stacking two of Penny's paintings on one side of the window and putting one of Helen's on the opposite side of the far window.

Helen and Penny shared the top of the computer cabinet and Penny took the area over the front book shelf as well as getting an easel to put up even more of her artwork in the front vestibule.

The opening for the show is on Friday 11 September 2015 from 7:00-8:00pm. all are welcome to join us, the show will continue through to 24 October 2015.