Thursday, June 2, 2016

Cavan Art Gallery

After two days without humidity, we are once again back into the warm weather 83F (28.3C) and high humidity 94F (34.4C).

Today the KAGS Outdoor Painters' Group painted at Cavan Art Gallery and Galerie Q, which are two art galleries located side by side on County Road 10 in Cavan Monoghan, Ontario.

The Cavan Art Gallery is owned and operated by Valerie Kent who recently taught a class at KAGS on watercolour painting on canvas (see post on 30 April 2016).

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and look forward to taking another class with Valerie at her Cavan Art Academy in the fall.

The house, Gallery and Art Academy rest on a lovely seven acres (2.8ha) parcel of land along the Cavan Creek.

Both the Gallery and Art Academy opened in the spring of this year in a completely renovated hip roof barn.

When you enter the Gallery it is hard to believe it was ever a barn. The original concrete floor stills shows the cracks and now gleams like polished marble. The interior walls and main support beams are covered with drywall to display the artwork. Looking up toward the ceiling you can still see the foundation beams stained a warm dark colour.

Each painting is beautifully presented and showcases Valerie's work and those of a few selected other artists.

As you go through the Gallery you will come across a flight of stairs leading to the upper level which houses the classroom for the Cavan Art Academy.

You are greeted to a wonderful, large, clean and airy, well lit space having both natural and artificial light. It is an inspiring place to develop your artistic talents.

If you have a chance, it is well worth the drive to go out and enjoy the works of art gracing the walls at the Cavan Art Gallery or take one of the many art courses offered the Cavan Art Academy.