Monday, August 19, 2013

Article About Above and Below the Reef Show

This is an article published in Kawartha Lakes This week:

Inspired by beauty on both sides of the waves

Carol Rutherford and Susan Sydney join forces for Above and Below the Reef exhibition at the Lindsay Gallery

Kawartha Lakes This Week
(LINDSAY) When Susan Sydney and Carol Rutherford join forces, so does the beauty found Above and Below the Reef.

Currently on exhibit at the Lindsay Gallery, the work of the two artists showcases their ability to bring the wonder and delight they see in the world around them; be it an interesting gentleman spied by a Havana, Cuba bus stop or a fishy game of hide and seek among the coral.

Growing up in an artistic family - and encouraged to pursue her abilities - Ms Sydney began accepting commissions for animal portraits while still in high school. Primarily self-taught, the Bridgenorth resident has never stopped learning and has taken a variety of classes and workshops to further enhance and evolve her skills.

Several years ago, Ms Sydney combined another passion - scuba diving - with her penchant for art.

“I’ve always wanted to learn to dive...when I saw a sign for Adventure Divers, I just had to take the chance,” said Ms Sydney.

It opened up a whole new environment from which she has garnered excellent subject matter.

“I just love wrecks,” she said of one of the best places for her to find inspiration. “It opens up a whole new world. A lot of my work is from pictures I have taken while underwater...There’s this huge world we haven’t yet explored and it’s always changing.”

Ms Rutherford, a trained commercial artist, has been recognized for her ability to meld character and content onto canvas through texture and colour, both of which fit perfectly into her joy of travel; particularly in the Caribbean. Her work has earned her numerous awards, including the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, the Hastings Waterfront Festival and the Norwood Fall Fair.

When it comes to finding inspiration, Ms Rutherford considers herself fortunate that there is no shortage where she travels; providing one is willing to look with more than just the eyes.

One afternoon, while having a beach-side lunch, looking out onto the ocean in Cayo Largo, Ms Rutherford was serenaded by a man and his violin. The image not only inspired her to paint the musician, but the music he evoked through his bow further inspired another painting; Equine Agua, which is included in the exhibition.

Ms Rutherford hopes those who view the pieces which have been brought together to compose glimpses of what lays above and below the waves will have their senses heightened.

“I know I feel the most alive when I’m able to experience the culture and beauty of other countries,” said Ms Rutherford. “I hope we’ve been able to convey how we both feel [with this exhibition.]”

Above and Below the Reef runs until Aug. 24.

The gallery is located on the second floor of the Lindsay library and is open Tuesday to Saturday.

For more information, call 705-324-1780 or visit

Above and Below the Reef
Catherine Whitnall
The beauty that Susan Sydney and Carol Rutherford have viewed - both Above and Below the Reef - is a key component of the delightful exhibit of work by the two artists, currently on display at the Lindsay Gallery