Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fog Rising 1-3 - Three Works in Progress

Often in the mornings there is fog on the lake, creating an eerie feeling that something is hidden within the mist.

Sometimes there are only tendrils of fog rising off the surface of the lake; other times the islands seem to be floating on a blanket of mist, no longer grounded to the lake.

Fog Rising 1

It is on mornings like this that sounds are muffled and it is hard to determine the source.

Many of the birds are hidden from view as they glide across the lake's surface. The only way you know they are close is when you hear the haunting melody of the loons or the low murmur of the ducks as they call to their brood to keep together.

Fog Rising 2

But eventually the rising sun spreads its warmth, the fog lifts and the lake once more, is clear and back to normal.

I will post these three paintings at a later date as each one is completed.

Fog Rising 3