Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lac Blanc 1

Today I was painting with the Buckhorn Tuesday Painting Group at St. Matthews Church in Buckhorn, Ontario.

I just couldn't get into painting and since I had brought along a number of photographs from my summers spent in Québec I did this drawing of Lac Blanc, which was walking distance from my aunt's cottage on the shores of Lac Sergent.

I have many fond memories of my summers in Lac-Sergent, which is in a community in the Portneuf Regional County Municipality in Québec where my uncle, François Desrochers was the mayor of Lac-Sergent from 1981-1985.

I may at a later date do more drawings and/or paintings of Lac Blanc, which had a number of charcoal huts near the lake which were moldering away, as well as some of Lac Sergent where we would sometimes go out on the lake in the canoe or on the catamaran.