Monday, March 9, 2015

Walking the Dog - A Work in Progress

It is getting warmer out 21F (-6C) and even though there is a wind making it feel colder 14F (-10C) the sun is shining and the snow is starting to melt. With the warmer temperature it seems as though overnight most of the snow buntings has left and I only have one small flock of about thirty five birds here today. I will miss them when this flock leaves.

Today in the last Lucy Manley class at KAGS and we are going to do a Peterborough street scene.

As usual we under painted the canvas with raw sienna and the buildings were blocked in using cadmium red.

The shadowed side of the buildings were painted, the shadows under the eaves and the windows. Lastly the trees were indicated as well as a person out walking the dog.

Now it was time to start adding colour to the buildings.

On the first building Titanium white mixed with  lemon yellow was put on the sunlit side, then raw sienna was added to the mix for the shadowed side and a hint of red was added to the shadow colour for the cast shadow on the sunlit side as well as the fence on the left side.

The red brick on the next building was cadmium red with a little lemon yellow added. For the shadowed side alizarin crimson was added to the mix with a touch of French ultramarine blue.

Using a mix of French ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and raw sienna, the windows of the buildings were blocked in as well as the dark shadows under the eaves. A small amount of cerulean blue was added to the mixture and the shadowed side of the front building and the spaces between the fence, on the left side were painted.

More raw sienna and a touch of Titanium white and cadmium red were added to the dark paint and the sunlit side of the front building and the right side fence were added.

Using pure Titanium white the snow was applied to the foreground, the roofs of the buildings, the front top of the brick building and onto the tops of the fence posts and fence.

Cerulean blue was added to the white with a little alizarin crimson for the snow shadows in the foreground and on the shadowed side of the roofs. A little French ultramarine blue was added to the mix and darker shadows were added to the foreground snow and the shadow from the tree was put onto the roof.

Using the shadow colour I added a roof for a small shed on the left side behind the fence and adding a little cadmium yellow painted the front part of the shed green. I will use this colour later on the coats of both the dog and person.

Using white and lemon yellow I added more colour to the sunlit side of the first building. The tree shadows on the front of the building were put in using the yellow mix and adding raw sienna.

I will post this painting at a later date as more of the buildings have been completed.