Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fantasy Flowers

Today I took a class called "Pour Your Heart Out" with Valerie Kent at the Cavan Art Gallery in Cavan, Ontario.

Having tried poured acrylic painting earlier this year I knew how much left over paint there would be so I took along a dozen small 2" x 2" canvases to create some small poured paintings to eliminate wasting so much paint.

For the first painting we did is what called a "Puddle Pour" which can be more realistic as you have more control over the paint as it slides around on the canvas.

We were told to pick three colours and either white or black for the fourth one and I chose white and decided I would use the three primary colours. We mixed the paint together with equal parts of Floetrol.

We layered each of the colours in three different areas on the canvas.

I started in the first corner with my blue as the base, followed by yellow, red and lastly white. From there I went diagonally across the canvas and started with red, followed by blue, yellow and white.

For my last flower I went partway up the canvas and used white first followed by yellow red and blue.

Using a large straw I blew the paint across the canvas to form "petal" shapes. When I was pleased with the results I used the end of a Popsicle stick and indicated the flower stamens.

The final part of this painting I dropped light and dark green onto the canvas to create leaves, vines and stems by pushing the colour around with the Popsicle stick.

This original 11" x 14" poured acrylic painting when framed with be available for $175.00.