Sunday, June 26, 2011

Balance Beam 4

Balance beam routines require superb balance, strength and knowing exactly where your hands or feet are going to land on a 4" (10cm) wide beam.

One slip and you are off the beam and on the floor. In the event of a fall, once you are back on your feet you have 30 seconds to remount the beam and continue, otherwise you will not be permitted to finish your routine. Falls automatically incur a deduction of 1.0.

Deductions are taken for all errors made while on the beam, on the landing of the dismount or a fall. These also include balance checks such as wobbling to maintain balance or stumbling, failure to do all the elements required in a routine, lapses in control, poor technique and execution and failure to travel the full length of the beam.

Small wonder a perfect score of 10 is rarely achieved.

Balance Beam 4 is an original 15" x 20” framed Prisma pencil drawing and is available for $195.00.

Today is the last day of the Art in the Garden Tour, in Peterborough, Ontario. It is put on by GardenRoute. I will be at Horlings Garden Centre, 3056 Lakefield Road, Lakefield, Ontario from 10am-4pm.

Looking forward to seeing some of you this week end.