Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Loon Call Lake III

Today I was at St. Matthew's Church in Buckhorn, with the Tuesday Buckhorn Painting Group.

I wanted to change the watercolour painting I have had at the church since the summer with a different piece. The one I chose is an acrylic painting called "Strawberries".

I brought my pencil sketches and pen and ink drawings, that were in various stages of completion to work on and hopefully get at least one completed.

I chose this one which I had started a number of years ago, and have been working on this year (see posts on 14 September 2014, 23 February and 09 October 2017).

Since I usually work from left to right on a drawing, I began with the trees and foliage on the left, worked my way across in behind the boathouse and finished with the trees on the right side.

I did the same, this time putting in the rocks and shadows from the left to the right side of the drawing.

Lastly, I added some shading onto the boathouse, followed by adding in more reflections and ripples into the water.

This original 6" x 7" pen and ink drawing when matted and shrink wrapped will be available for $50.00.