Saturday, September 26, 2015

Loon Call Lake VIII-X

With today being nice and sunny with a mild breeze blowing, we decided to take the canoe out and go on one of the lakes as we will not have many more days like this before it gets too cold and windy.

We headed up toward Apsley and we were trying to decide whether to go to Coon Lake, Long Lake, Loon Call Lake or Wolf Lake.

Since it has been at least a year since we visited any of these lakes and all are beautiful.

We finally decided that we would try Loon Call Lake since it was one of the smaller lakes (see post on 18 August 2014 for more information about the lake).

Loon Call Lake VIII

As with all of these lakes the launch is easy to access and there is plenty of parking.

As usual we paddled to the far end of the lake with me occasionally taking a few photographs of some of the beautiful rocks and trees reflected into the water.

After we had lunch we allowed the current to carry us back down the lake with Ron fishing and me taking photographs and making sketches.

Unfortunately for Ron, this was the first time in a number of years that he wasn't able to land at least one fish. Although, he did have a few that followed his lure back to the canoe.

Loon Call Lake IX

I was fortunate to have gotten three sketches that I can use at a later date reference for either a watercolour or acrylic painting.

Loon Call Lake X

On the way home instead of heading south towards home for supper, we decided to go north on Highway 28 and found the Swiss Bear Restaurant and Bakery on the Highway near Apsley. The food and service there were both excellent.