Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christmas Ornaments - A Work in Progress

Today Tom Young one of the members of the Buckhorn Artists' Group gave a demonstration to the Buckhorn Tuesday Painting Group. He had asked all of us to bring in a couple of glass Christmas ornaments for the class.

He brought in six ornaments that he had hanging in an old wooden window frame. It was a lovely way of displaying the different Christmas ornaments.

It was a very interesting class. Tom showed the basics of painting glass Christmas ornaments and how to attain the look of roundness. He stressed the importance of the way the reflections are distorted and curve around the spherical ornament.

I had originally sketched out six different ornaments, but some of the other members of the Group had brought in extra ornaments that were different from the ones Tom had so I added a couple more for variety.

I chose to start with a small solid green ornament working to achieve the roundness as well as put in the curved reflections.

My painting of the first ornament seems a little lop sided and I will have to fix it up. A couple of the other ornaments also need to be made more balanced, which I will correct before I paint them.

I will post this again when I have completed more of the ornaments.