Monday, November 2, 2015

Beaver Island Pine I

Today is the first day of unseasonably mild weather for the week before a cold front comes through and brings it back down to seasonal temperatures. To have 68F (20C) with sunshine in November is a bonus that I am going to enjoy.

I was looking through some of the sketches I did during the summer (see post on 02 August 2015) while canoeing on Lovesick Lake. I pulled this one out and decided to complete the pen and ink drawing.

I started with the pine tree which was not doing very well on its island home and its companion pine had already given up the ghost.

What I liked about the tree was the fact that it was still fighting to keep its place on the small island that was no longer able to support it and I wouldn't be surprised when next time we go back to Lovesick Lake to find the tree either dead or having been broken by the harsh winter winds.

Once both trees had been completed I started on the smaller bushes at their base and which were a rich yellow green.

Next I put in the reflections and lastly I did the rocks at the edge of the water which were pale pink granite.

This original 3-1/4" x 9" pen and ink when matted and shrink wrapped will be available for $25.00.

Thank you for coming to look at my artwork and I hope you will return often.