Monday, March 28, 2011

Golden Light

This is an original 7" x 10-3/4” framed watercolour.

This painting was done using a limited palette of French ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and raw sienna.

The sky is painted using only pure raw sienna and pure burnt sienna, allowing the paint to mix together on the wet paper. Some areas of white were left to suggest wispy clouds.

The water was a mixture of raw sienna and burnt sienna put down with horizontal strokes and then French ultramarine blue was added to the mixture to indicate some movement on the water.

This mixture was darkened slightly and the distant shoreline trees were painted, keeping them soft and without a lot of detail.

While the paper was still a little damp a darker mixture of background trees was used to indicate the closer trees still keeping the edges fairly soft. As the paper had dried a little more an even darker mixture was put into the trees to create some interest.

Now I have to go to the Executive meeting today at KAGS.

Thank you to new collector Mrs. Carol Forsythe of Bridgenorth, Ontario on adding this painting to her art collection.